Over 28 Year in Business. Proudly Made in INDIA

With over 28 years in the industry, we offer a personalized experience, white glove service and a team of highly skilled artisans that prides itself in creating a true work of art with the customer’s goal in mind by taking their images or memory and making it into something they can touch, feel and look at forever.

We pride ourselves on delivering consistency, quality, creativity and timely door step service to clients all over the world.

We work and place our collection of metal statue with libraries, Municipalities, Schools, Parks, Recreation Facilities, Art Galleries, Retailers, Builders, Designers, Landscape Architects, Charitable Organizations and Private Home Owners


Big or small, We have it ALL

Aakrati offers multi-piece manufacturing of lot of ready-made designs, custom designs and gift sized replicas for both the retail and wholesale markets. our facility is bell equipped to accommodate any quantity or production run that is requested without limitations or minimum requirement.

We can work with you on small runs, one time bulk orders or regularly scheduled maintenance orders.

Your molds will be properly stored for easy reordering and with full confidential.


your beautiful Sculpture will exist for generation to come. Through Collaboration with Aakrati your vision is skillfully shaped into something that can be seen and touched forever.
We specialize in developing all kinds of Statue/Sculpture or metal figure in any size specific to a customer’s design and specifications. We can make by picture, diagram or as small sample.

Create Your Custom Statue

Top of the line

The Best Hardware Fitting

If you are having a hard time matching up your décor, look no further. We have some of the best hardware arround! From nautical, rastic, Modern and traditional.
We have a match for you!

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