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A legacy in Metal

From sculptures to trophies, Sculptors team of Aakrati, award-winning aesthetic creates monumental memories. Original, timeless works of art. Contact the studio to discuss your vision and project.

Trust the team with over 25 years experience to work on your masterpiece

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Aakrati is a certified “Made in INDIA” producer. Our team, production studio, sculptors, Metal casting techs are located right here in the INDIA. We also source 100% of our materials from Indian suppliers and businesses.

Shaping History Through Sculpture

Your conception will exist for future generations to ponder, considering both the person who thought to create it and the moment that was memorialized

The Company

Full-service art studio that designs, creates, and installs Metal sculptures . We have experience working with Indian Army, Goverment Projects, college and organizations, Builders, Famous Sculptures, Temples, municipalities and individuals.

Sculpting Team

  • Skilled in Creating your Custom design from Initial concept to finished Sculpture.
  • Experienced in Sculpting to any Size, Style or Design.
  • 100% in- House Artisans offering Personalized Service.

Production & Manufacturing

  • Casting in Bronze, Brass, Aluminium, Copper Zinc and More!
  • Offering a prorietary premium brass good quality and true everdur Bronze.
  • Big or Small - We Do it All.